Privacy Policy

LA Research, Inc. (LAR) is a marketing research company that gathers consumer information during contracted research campaigns.

"Personal Information" is both information about a person's identity and information and opinions gathered through surveys and focus groups.

Because if the nature of marketing research and the LAR business model and mission statement, LAR is totally committed to the privacy and security of Personal Information of respondents, patients, business individuals and business entities.

LAR is a member in good standing of the Marketing Research Association (MRA). As such, LAR is totally committed and strictly adheres to the mandated MRA Code of Marketing Research Standards. For more information, please visit the MRA website:

Research Survey Information

All personal information obtained will be lawfully collected and processed by LA Research, Inc. only, will be used for research purposes only, will not be disclosed to any person not employed by LA Research, Inc. and will not be disclosed to any client other than for lawful research purposes.

Companies that contract LAR to conduct a research survey request certain information about each respondent. LAR provides this information in aggregate, combined with the responses from other respondents.

Rarely, the company that contacts LAR to conduct the research requests identifying information about the respondents. When that condition exists, it will be clearly stated on the survey instrument and LAR will insure that the respondents are aware of that condition before they agree to participate in the survey. In such cases, the identifying information will be treated with strict confidence as per the MRA Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research.

LAR Database

LAR maintains a Database of respondents' names and contact information. The information is used to contact individuals with invitations to participate in research surveys in exchange for cash. Individuals are added to the database on a purely voluntary basis. LAR is committed to the privacy and security of personal information. Personal information in the database will not be disclosed to any person not employed by LA Research, Inc.

The LAR database is not maintained on an internet server, but on a secure computer system residing at the offices of LAR.

LAR Website

The LAR website,, does not place any files, including cookies, on visitor's computers at any time.

Like every website in the World Wide Web, laresearchinc,com maintains a log file of certain visitor information. This information may include IP address, operating system and browser, originating website and the search engine and search phrase used, if any.

Log file information is used only to evaluate the use and effectiveness of


LAR does not engage in activities that could in any way result in spam. LAR does not engage in direct-contact sales or sales of any kind. LAR will never disclose and personal information to any party except a client for lawful research purposes and in those rare cases the respondent will be fully aware of the disclosure requirement before participating in the survey.

LAR may contact respondents who have voluntarily entered the database. The purpose of the contact is to qualify a respondent for a research survey, or to invite a respondent to participate in a research survey. Contact may be made via email, in such cases, LAR will clearly identify themselves and provide telephone and email contact information. Additionally, This policy ensures that LAR contact only those individuals with an expectation of being contacted with invitations to participate in research studies.